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quick_challenge's Journal

lets see if u got skill
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This icon challenge community is the quickest, easiest, icon challenge on livejournal. If you want be be apart of this community all you have to do is become a member and friend it for live updates. becky_91 is your mod & owner. goodbye_nites@hotmail.com is my email if you need anything.

1. Only use the pictures provided.
2. Must be up to LJ standards; 100x100, etc.
3. Must be your work (do not take someone else's icon & edit it).
4. Please post the link underneath the icon your submitting.
5. Challenges will be posted every 5 days.
6. Every once in a while a challenge will be posted inside the same week as the main challenge.
7. Please do not submit no more than one icon unless specified otherwise.
8. Voting will take place every 5 days and will last 24 hrs.
9. You cannot post the icon anywhere else until after the competition is over.
10. You cannot vote for yourself or get others to vote for you.
11. Icons will not be screened so people can comment.
12. I will need at least 9 entries for each challenge.
13. Have Fun!
Extra Specials

100x100, 101 dalmatians, a bug's life, abc family, abu, actors, actresses, aladdin, alice in wonderland, animals, ariel, ashley simpson, atlantis, aurora, baby herman, backgrounds, bagheera, baloo, bambi, bashful, beauty and the beast, bedknobs and broomsticks, belle, bernard, black cauldron, braceface, breakfest club, brother bear, buzz lightyear, captain hook, cartoons, challenges, cheshire cat, chip and dale, cinderella, codes, colorbars, cruella de vil, daisy duck, dinosaur, disney, disney icons, disney movies, disney stuff, disneyland, doc, dodger, donald duck, dopey, dumbo, eeyore, emperor's new groove, esmeralda, fantasia, finding nemo, flounder, fonts, genie, george of the jungle, goofy, graphics, grumpy, gurgi, hades, happy, headers, hercules, hilary duff, hollywood pictures, hues, huey, iago, icon challenges, icon contests, icons, icontests, jafar, jasmine, jessica rabbit, jessica simpson, jiminy cricket, katharine mcphee, kids movies, kim possible, king triton, kingdom hearts, kronk, lady and the tramp, last icon maker standing, layouts, lilo and stitch, lims, lindsay lohan, louie, lyrics, magic carpet, mary poppins, meeko, megara, merlin, mickey and minnie, miramax films, miss bianca, models, monsters inc., movies, mulan, mushu, nature, pacha, pegasus, perdita, pete's dragon, peter pan, pictures, piglet, pinocchio, pixar, pluto, pocahontas, polls, pongo, queen of hearts, rabbit, simba, sleeping beauty, sleepy, sneezy, song of the south, songs, tarzan, terk, textures, the aristocats, the great mouse detective, the lion king, the little mermaid, the weekenders, thumper, tigger, tinkerbell, toon disney, ursula, walt disney, walt disney pictures, winnie the pooh